The Yokohama Advan A048 tire complies with the MSA 1C list and is no longer homologated for the road. These tires have been developed using Yokohama`s racing tradition and technology, aimed at racers participating in track days, autocross, high-performance driving schools and racing events. It must be said that these are legal on the street, but should not be used in wet weather, as the risk of aquaplaning is increased. The range for the Yokohama Advan A048 is wide, as you can see below, and is available in many sizes, three different blends to choose from, from Compound S – Soft, Compound M – Medium and Compound M/H – Medium Hard. The tire is as stiff as possible because it has a unique block profile and has a larger central surface, creating a footprint that is 100% always in contact with the road. Its bulky documents indicate that the tire has predictable cornering performance and that the overall steering is due to the two steel belts. The two steel belts are placed on the case, this idea translates into excellent performance in corner control with high G-force. The tire is road legal and available in 19 different sizes from 16 to 18 inches. 2.

Slick tires are not suitable for all weather conditions. One of the main reasons why they are illegal for everyday use is that their smooth surface makes them slippery and dangerous when wet. Due to the extremely large tread blocks and the smaller tread depth, a lot of tire noise is generated on the road and can only last less than 1500 kilometers when driven like everyday tires on the road. Most of these tires are allowed to be legally driven on the highway, although some are only marked for competition. These tires are listed in the MSA Road Legal 1C approved tires list. They are widely used as control tires in various racing championships and have proven ideal for sprint, hill climb and track events. “These tyres are homologated for the road. As they are legal on the road, they can be used not only for the stage itself, but also for journeys between stages. The ADVAN Sport is Yokohama`s Max Performance Summer tire designed for drivers of demanding sports cars, sports coupes and high-performance sedans.

The ADVAN Sport is designed to combine a high level of comfort, high durability and high traction in both dry and wet conditions. They offered a rock-like feeling of solidity with fast steering and no noise at all – no grinding and stable braking. Caption: S = soft compound, M = medium compound and M/H = medium – hard compound Yokohama made its UK debut at the Autosport International Show and introduced its latest high-performance tyre, the ADVAN A052. A combination of three very thick grooves and a thinner groove forms the special asymmetrical and non-directional profile pattern. It was developed in collaboration with a car manufacturer in Europe and enhances wet and dry grip. “The new ADVAN A052 offers racers, track enthusiasts and those with modified or tuned cars a whole new level of performance,” said Mark Evans, Head of Motorsport at Yokohama High Performance Tyres. “Quite simply, the extreme level of grip provided in wet and dry conditions helps anyone who wants to improve their performance or reduce their lap times.” Yokohama tires are a good choice for many drivers. The company offers a wide range of products, but consumers tend to prefer its year-round performance and models. Yokohama`s lifetime warranties are standard, as are the prices. However, some models are cost-effective alternatives to other well-known brands. The new tyre is the successor to the ADVAN A048 and a descendant of the Yokohama cobbled rally series. The ADVAN A052 has an asymmetrical and very rigid tread as well as an all-new “sport compound” and is included in the MSA Blue Book 1B tire list for 2017.

55,000-mile ADVAN Sport® A/S+ warranty Up to 55,000 miles (27,500 miles for staggered assembly) limited warranty on racing apparel and 30-day trial warranty.