Hi Abrham, I guess what you are doing, would it bother you if you told me the founding proclamation of the Ethiopian Institute of Justice and Legal Research? Have a good time, you are all on Ethiopian laws. I am wondering how you are doing well for the legal professions, whatever their specific tasks are, and for what purpose they can seek such laws. For today, my specific problem is to have access to the repealed contract law laws in Ethiopia. I hope you can solve in the near future thank you abrham for your unlimited efforts to provide us with new legal issues please send me a debate on land expropriation and compensation an amicus meadia promotion program and email communication tegenementa47@gmail.com Hello! Destroy peace? If you can please send me Legal Histoty & Federal Court Amendment Proclamation No138/1998 Hi, it may be a bit strange for me to ask this, I am an American academic interested in the legal systems of other countries, this page has been very helpful for this purpose, but I was wondering if anyone knows where to find Proclamation No. 7/1992? Dear Ato Abrham Yohannes, you have contributed greatly to the progress of the legal system by providing easily accessible legal issues. After your kind reply, I would like to have the new ERCA circular on dividend tax. If you can get? Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks! Certainly, your valuable professional work tool and support are professional and all individuals in general in trade and law. chilote.me`s the best source for legal questions, so I want to follow this web Thank you Abrish Thank you Abrham for your unlimited efforts to provide us with all the new legal issues Dear Abraham, thank you very much for all your commitment and contribution to the development of the Ethiopian legal system, stakeholder awareness, etc. I hope that each body will be able to have better access to all the legislation of the country. Continue!! o this blog, what a solution for any legal instrument of Ethiopia I really like….

wow. Impressive.. I need comments on legal issues from well-known legal experts such as Menberetsehay Tadesse Abrham First of all, I would like to thank you for your best work regarding the legal aspects, can you send me the proclamation of the holding company or the proclamation number. Hello Abrish.Thank you for your legal material contribution for lawyer. Will you me Oromia Region Prisoner Protection Ordinance please Abrish, please attach me the necessary legal documents. The decisions of the Cassation Chamber of the Federal Court of Ethiopia are binding on all lower courts. This is announced in Federal Proclamation No. 454/2005. Since then, the Federal Supreme Court has published 23 volumes of cassation decisions. All published decisions of the Court of Cassation are published on this website. Decisions are either organized into volumes exactly as published by the Supreme Court, or separated by case number and subject.

Users can search by volume, file number or subject of the case, for example by typing legal topics or a combination of keywords such as “constitution”, “civil procedure”, “first hearing”, “breach of trust”, “human rights”, etc. Efforts have been made to include most of the content of cases in page titles based on legal concepts in our legal texts and codes in order to facilitate the search for the desired outcome. Please use the search box at the top of the website or below, or simply click here to access the search box. Federal cassation (all decisions) Constitution Family succession Property contract in general Damages Sale of mortgage pledges Conciliation and arbitration Loan procedure Criminal law – General and customs taxation Criminal procedure Employment issues Companies Professional organizations Insurance Bankruptcy cheque Administrative law Dear Abrish, I hope you are well, my appreciation Brother for your support of instruments Legal, may God help you and Bless your family! Dear brother, I need your support in the following areas: “Ethiopia is one of the States Parties to the 1951 UN Convention and the 1967 UN Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees. And also the OAU Convention on the Specific Aspects of African Refugees. All instruments were joined and ratified in 1969. My question is this: I want to know the proclamation(s) that show the ratification of these instruments in our national legislation. Shalom! Dear Abraham and other contributors to this patriotic work, I do not have enough words to express my urgent need for a downloadable link to get Draft Evidence Rule, by the way, I am tired of searching through educational materials on civil procedure, especially those prepared by the Institute of Justice and Legal Research. ዶክተር ደብረፅዮን በምክትል ርእሰ መስተዳደርነት በምክር ቤቱ ቃለ መሃላ ፈፅመዋል።” Is it legal? Abrish, first of all, I would like to express my gratitude for serving all citizens in legal matters. Do I also have a question? Does Labour Proclamation No.

377/2003 apply equally to civil servants and private or non-governmental organizations? Also, could you tell me what you think of the hours of work per day of nursing mothers in the government office? Abreham, I admired what you do. This is very important to Lawyres as well as me. But pls. It is preferable that you receive the legal notices and orders and Attech. Please, my brother would send Zikre hig 9/96 e.c. and Directive No 2/2001 e.c., let me ask a question. Is there a directive for Articles 9/6 and 7 of the EC, i.e. the legalisation of illegal possession? This is great for the development of Ethiopian legal reform. However, you need to involve others who have knowledge in the field. Because the loophole in our legal system is very large.

This requires the cooperation of all institutions, in particular prosecutors and judges. Abresh! Please go beyond ….. I would also like to thank all of you for playing this important role in the development of the justice sector, enriching the knowledge of law students, graduates, academics, professionals and the general public. This shows that Ethiopia is making progress and that its legal system is also promising. I hope that if we continue with this passion, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals and adding value to our beloved country, Ethiopia. It is interesting to be aware of laws in which the accessibility of laws is a margin of maneuver for legal research. Thank you, Mr. Abraham.