Shelter Scotland 0808 800 4444 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) Provides free advice, information and assistance on housing and legal matters. Talk to a housing counsellor on the phone or find a local service in your area. We advise and support you in the following areas: We advise you on matters of parental duties and rights, residence, access, children`s rights, juvenile delinquency, education, health care, social work, confidentiality and access to records. Our advice hotline is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Currently, we are unable to provide legal representation in court or in the vast majority of court proceedings. The Law Society of Scotland has a full list of Solictors you can represent. Depending on the type of legal problem you have, free advice may be available for you. This number is intended for members of the public with questions. Please note that we cannot provide legal advice, but we can help you find a lawyer. You can research the type of work you need to do or look for a lawyer in your area. We can also trace any law firm in Scotland past and present. For example, you could search for legal acts for a business that has closed or moved.

If you are then charged, you can get help with legal fees if you are receiving certain benefits or if you cannot afford to pay for the advice yourself. The Free Legal Services Unit was established by the Scottish Bar Association to provide free legal advice and pro bono representation to those who cannot afford the legal aid they need and who cannot get support from any other source. Turn2Us Counseling Finder This charity helps people in financial difficulty find advice on benefits, housing, jobs and legal issues. If you are considering making a claim for compensation after an injury, you can get free advice from your local citizens` office. They will help you with the best next step. A lawyer can also help you prepare for a Social Security court. If you cannot pay your legal fees, you can contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board. Even if you need professional legal advice, help from your local counseling center can be a good place to start.

An advisor can help you decide if a lawyer or other legal advisor is needed. They may also be able to refer you for help from additional experts. This may include: If you can`t pay your rent but haven`t been evicted yet, you can get help and advice from your local council. You can always seek advice from your local council, even if you don`t live in a church and have a private landlord. If you have a problem you need help with, you may need legal advice to resolve it. You can get help from a legal advisor who specializes in your problem, such as a lawyer, or other organizations can help. There are usually costs associated with using a lawyer, but you may be eligible for assistance with legal fees. For other legal matters, the Scottish Government has information on hearings in relation to children and criminal cases. Give ADVICE to individuals – either in the form of a written statement or oral consultation during the consultation; If you need legal help or advice to resolve a problem, it is not always necessary to consult legal counsel. You may be able to take care of the problem yourself or with the help of your local counselling centre. This can be free help from your local citizens` advice office, a housing advice centre or a legal centre in your area. Some counselling centres, such as legal centres, are staffed by lawyers and other specialist clerks and can offer free legal advice.

No. We recommend that you visit the Law Society of Scotland website for full advice on seeking legal aid for a criminal case. There could be additional costs, for example, if your case is lost, you may have to pay your opponent`s legal fees. Ask your lawyer about possible costs. You can also seek advice from a lawyer about discrimination. If you can`t afford your legal costs, you may be able to get help from legal aid or a legal centre. Please note that individual applications can only be made through an accredited counselling centre, here is a list: List of accredited agencies Help with the costs of legal advice and representation in court if you cannot afford it. If you do not agree with the court`s decision, you can appeal to the Court of Cassation.

The remedies have legal scope and involve higher risks than the initial application. Therefore, it is important to consider seeking professional or legal advice before appealing. Our free confidential legal advice service is provided by telephone and email on all aspects of Scots law relating to children and young people. All calls and emails are handled by qualified lawyers. We do this by phone or e-mail. Unlike other counseling services, all our calls and emails are answered by fully qualified lawyers and our advice is impartial, confidential and child-centered. If you need to go to a mental health court, legal aid is available free of charge to cover the cost of legal representation. You should consult a lawyer who provides legal aid. The Free Legal Services Unit of the Faculty of Lawyers processes your data (whether provided by you or by a third party) for the purpose of administering your application and file. The processing may include the disclosure of your data to third parties such as other consulting bodies, non-profit organisations, the court, legal protection insurers, trade unions and legal advisers. FLSU considers itself a data processor for these purposes on behalf of a lawyer who is taking on this case. Upon acceptance of the case, the lawyer becomes the controller of this information.

By submitting your request, you confirm that you agree to such processing. Your data will not be sold to third parties or used for direct marketing purposes. Files/documents will not be kept for more than 10 years after the closure of each accepted file (subject to review) and no longer than 6 months if no volunteers are found. Cases that are not accepted by the organization are not taken into account after this decision. You can contact the center by emailing us at A member of our team will send you an email and answer your questions. You can also call our toll-free number on 0800 073 0150 and leave a message. Please note that our voicemail is monitored less frequently than our email. However, we will do our best to call you back as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you if you want to discuss legal protection for you and your children.

You may be able to get legal help to cover your legal costs – the income of an abusive partner will not be taken into account when deciding if you qualify. A dedicated staff member will answer all questions about the lawyer qualification, including information about universities, the cost of studying law and career prospects, as well as general questions about a career in the legal profession. Please contact us by phone or at Legal centers have lawyers and other advisors who can give you free legal advice. We offer 3rd or 4th year LLB students, 2nd year LLB students and PhD students with a Scottish law degree the opportunity to volunteer in our virtual legal clinic. Students are selected through an application process. For more details on the application, please send an email you will usually have to prove that you cannot afford this assistance. You may have to pay some of the money for the legal fees of your case or reimburse the costs later. You might also get legal advice from professionals such as accountants or organizations such as unions and automotive organizations. Legal assistance A lawyer can also advise you on accommodation and (if necessary) represent you in court. If you are unable to pay your legal fees, you may be able to apply for legal aid. You can also seek advice if you have a dispute with your landlord.

When we talk about pro bono legal work, we mean legal advice or representation by lawyers when they are referred by faculty-accredited consulting agencies to individuals and community groups who cannot afford to pay for such advice or representation and when legal aid or other means are not available. SCLC is a Scottish charity that provides free legal information from qualified lawyers on all aspects of Scottish law relating to children and young people in Scotland. You can get free help from Shelter Scotland whether you need to go to court or not. Find out what help is available in your area. Lawyers can provide you with legal advice and represent you in court. Legal work is pro bono legal work only if it is free of charge for the plaintiff, without remuneration to the lawyer (regardless of the outcome) and provided voluntarily by the lawyer. Pro bono legal work is always a complement, not a substitute, to an appropriate system of publicly funded legal services. The availability of legal advice or adequately funded representation should be considered before a lawyer engages in pro bono legal work. The faculty and its partner advisory centres are committed to improving publicly funded legal advice and representation in appropriate cases. If your case is likely to go to court, you will usually need to apply for civil legal aid. This funding can help pay for all the legal preparation work as well as your lawyer who will represent you in court.

The Scottish Government has more information on civil legal aid. The unit has a list of accredited support services and the recommendations of these bodies take into account the requests of members of the public. If the conditions are met and a file is taken care of, our volunteer lawyers can: A dedicated and confidential helpline is available for apprentices and apprentices. An experienced employee is available to help and advise you if you need help with problems or difficulties related to an internship.