The reason most representations show an unbalanced scale is to show that the evidence leans in favour of one party over another. The first recorded depiction of the Libra of Justice is the ancient Greek goddess Dike holding foundationless scales in one hand. There is evidence of this in – The Libra of Justice is a symbol used in many Western representations of modern law. They symbolize the idea of an equitable distribution of law, without the influence of bias, privilege or corruption. Lady Justice usually holds the scales of justice in the air, symbolizing the fact that evidence must be weighed on its merits and against the evidence presented by the other party. The symbol of justice today is a woman holding a scale in one hand, a sword in the other, blindfolded. When the scale is presented with Lady Justice, other characterizations of the legal system become clear. Well, while statues of Lady Justice may vary, the only characterization of Lady Justice that most people know of has three different characteristics: a blindfold, the scales of justice, and a sword. As you can imagine, these qualities represent important ideas and values. Since the beginning of the first modern legal system in Rome, the scales of justice have been used to symbolize the balance between truth and fairness sought in the judicial system. Although often depicted alone, scales are often held by Lady Justice or Justitia in Latin, the Roman goddess of justice. In addition to the concept of truth and fairness, the image is also used to represent the balance between support and resistance of a case, with Lady Justice being responsible for weighing both and rendering a fair and equitable judgment.

Justitia is seen blindfolded. Being blindfolded is supposed to represent the idea that justice is blind and that no matter who you are or what you love, justice will prevail over any wickedness in the system. The usual argument is: if Lady Justice is blindfolded, how is she supposed to know that the scales are balanced, unbalanced, or tilted toward justice or injustice? The presentation is not literal, of course, but the comparison has notable criticisms in a legal system with very visible flaws. Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of all the forces that embody and animate the justice system, so the Libra of Justice is very important to show that the justice system and law enforcement are fair and balanced. Lady Justice is blindfolded (law and justice are impartial), there is Libra (weighing evidence) and the sword (the power of justice and authority to make a quick and final decision). Lady Justice is most often represented by a series of ladders, usually suspended from one hand, by which she measures the strength of support and opposition of a case. In some circumstances, unbalanced scales are said to represent the balancing of the merits of one party against the other, with the understanding that a fair judgment lends credibility to one set of facts against another. In other cases, unbalanced scales are used as political commentary to indicate the view that a particular judgment or law unfairly favours one party over another, or to suggest that one argument is significantly stronger than another. You can think of the scale as a whole as a legal case before a judge (or jury) and represent each side of the scale as a party to the case.

If the balance is held by Lady Justice, you have the inclusion of the divine with individual rights in society. Some of the earliest images resembling the woman of justice are of the Egyptian goddess Maat, who signified truth and order in this ancient society. Later, the ancient Greeks worshipped the goddess Themis, the personification of divine law and custom, and her daughter Dike, whose name means “justice.” Dike was always depicted with a scale, and it was believed that she ruled over human law. There are also many depictions of the Libra of Justice alone (without the Goddess of Justice). Many lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals use the Libra icon in their websites, logos, or other types of branding. This shows that they are competent jurists who adhere to the principles and moral forces established by Libra. Lady Justice with the scales of justice was and is an important figure for judicial systems around the world. Its balance between impartiality and trial symbolizes how justice can be done.

Lady Justice is not only an interesting statue, but also a reminder of the fundamental ideas and values of law. The scale represents the weight of evidence, and the scale has no basis to indicate that the evidence should stand on its own. What the symbol of the Libra of Justice means is that the law or the judicial system seeks the truth by weighing the evidence. The scales of justice are the best-known symbol of the legal system. The personification of justice that balances Libra dates back to the goddess Maat[4] and later to Isis of ancient Egypt. The Hellenic deities Themis and Dike later became goddesses of justice. Themis was the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom, in its aspect as the personification of divine justice of law. Lady Justice is known by other names, and in ancient Rome she was known in Latin as the goddess Justitia. This Roman goddess is often depicted blindfolded and is usually depicted with the scales of justice in one hand and a double-edged sword in the other.