The first document you need to know is the pro forma invoice. This document is usually used as a negotiating tool between a seller and a potential buyer. The pro forma invoice gives your potential buyer an offer for a shipment of goods. Air waybills are issued for exports sent by air, and once an outbound shipment arrives at the airport, it is immediately processed by a customs broker or broker for clearance and final delivery. An export permit is a government document that authorizes the export of certain items in certain quantities to a specific destination. This document may be required for most or all exports to certain countries. For other countries, this may only be necessary in special circumstances. In the following, we describe the top 10 export documents and mention for each of them: What are they for?, who prepares them? And who are they for? An export packing list can be more detailed than a packing list or packing slip you provide for your domestic shipments. It is the exporter`s responsibility to ensure that the goods are inspected and meet the standards set out in the certificate of conformity. You`ve heard people talk about how to do the sexy part of exporting – research, smirks, travel, and all the marketing and sales things people think of when they think of the glamour of international trade. India`s export required a special document, depending on the type of product and the destination to be exported. Export documents not only contain details about the product and its port of destination, but are also used for tax certification and quality control purposes.

It`s easy to submit via AES, and doing it yourself gives you more control over the process. More and more of our customers are taking on this responsibility for every export shipment for this reason – and you can get step-by-step instructions on how to submit here. The international commercial invoice is the main document of the export documentation, as it contains all the information about international sales. The item, quantity, price of products/services sold, delivery and payment terms, as well as taxes and other expenses that may be included in the sale are indicated on an international commercial invoice. “It`s the most important document issued by a carrier,” says Ken Fong, senior director of operations at Flexport in San Francisco. “It is used by customs authorities and airlines to validate the dimensions and specifications of goods. It also includes the transportation of goods from any location on its route. A mandatory online government form for all exports over $2,500 or those requiring an export permit.

The IED must be submitted to the U.S. Census Bureau to collect trade statistics and enforce export controls. Import and export documents contain important information necessary not only for the buyer and seller, but also for customs authorities, freight forwarders and foreign governments. Failure to attach proper documentation to your imports and exports can result in fines and even confiscation of your goods by customs. The certificate of insurance helps determine whether insurance is included in the selling price of imported goods or not. This certificate also contains other important information, such as insurance coverage conditions and instructions on what to do if the import is damaged or lost. When you export goods, you need to know many different documents. Some documents are unique to the export process, while others are used to reveal specific information about your goods.

Also check out the Country Commercial Guides, created by our domestic trade exports to U.S. embassies abroad. Each guide contains chapters on how to do business with a particular country. Chapters include “Selling U.S. Goods and Services” and “Customs Regulations and Standards,” which highlight requirements and documentation of interest to a particular country. See an example of shipping to China. Electronic Export Information Filing (EEI) is the electronic export data stored in the Automated Export System (AES). This data is the electronic equivalent of export data previously collected as Shipper`s Export Declaration (SED) information.

The IED must be submitted electronically online through the automated export system, which is a free service provided by the Census and Customs. It is required for all shipments with items bearing the Annex B number greater than $2,500* and for shipments of any value requiring an export permit. Certificate of Inspection Requested by the importer and exporter to certify product quality, material content and quantities. Inspections are carried out by a certified third party such as Société Générale de Surveillance, Bureau Veritas or Cotecna.