Waver emphasizes irregular movements that indicate staggering or rocking. Cynthia hesitated between visiting her parents and visiting Mexico. She withdrew a little from me when I came; But his eyes did not differ from mine, and they drew me forward. Staggering involves rocking or stumbling and often means nervousness, lack of courage, or total fear. Hesitation involves hesitation after one seems to decide, thus signifying weakness or withdrawal. Waver comes from the Old English word wæfre, meaning “restless”. When the wind blows, the leaves and flowers sway or move in the same direction. A fluctuating person is also affected by any influence or change. He or she doesn`t know what to do, or may be too shy to express a preference until time is up and a decision needs to be made.

Hesitation, hesitation, hesitation, wobble means showing indecision or uncertainty. Swinging means coming and going, like when you swing, thinking one minute you`re going to stay home and planning to meet your friends the next until you finally make your decision. But now, to my surprise and horror, when I looked into my monitor`s eye, my own eye didn`t want to waver or admit its submission! Lindsay seemed to be wavering; His gaze was close enough to show him that his face had a red touch of embarrassment. This Schwanker goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with instant heat recovery to apply a uniform temperature to your curls. But this had no significant impact on military performance until the top leadership itself began to waver and retreat. He was wavering. All of this is, to me, a measure of the fact that he was worried, and it is pretty clear what worried him. But as soon as the 40-year-old activist was out of U.S. hands, he faltered. Sarah did not hesitate once in her support of the team.

He was happier than usual when he learned that Mr. Puffin had begun to waver in his ideas of celibacy. Oscillating, swinging, oscillating, vibrating, swinging, swinging, swinging, waves mean moving from one direction to its opposite. He hardened himself, for he had had his experience of the cunning of women; And his belief in male supremacy as a habit has not wavered. The dominant trend here is not one of openness: people hesitate between open fascism and latent xenophobia. Alfred did not deviate from his decision to move to France. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English.

Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Hesitation involves a pause before deciding, acting or choosing. Vibrate indicates the rapid oscillation of an elastic body under load or impact. Wavering involves prolonged hesitation before the inability to make a firm decision. Swaying involves a slow swaying or fluctuating motion. The oscillation emphasizes a generally regular change of direction. The swing involves a movement of something attached to one end or side. Middle English; Similar to the Old Englishman would be restless, wafian waving his hands – more with the fluctuation of the waves indicates constant irregular changes in level, intensity or value.