There`s a lot of talk about whether internships should be paid or should remain largely unpaid, and no matter where you end up in this debate (both sides have their points), it`s impossible to ignore how valuable internships can be, especially for students, both in high school and college. Even if you didn`t like the interview, ALWAYS send a thank you email (or better yet, a CARD!) to thank you for taking the time to interview me for the music workshop in (workspace, company name, etc.). Perform business analyses for at least 1 year. Act as a channel between cross-functional teams, present data insights for teams at the most urgent levels. There are many websites where employers post for interns – we love entertainment careers. There are a lot of music courses out there at all times! So you want to be in the music industry and need a music internship to get your foot in the door? There are certainly many of you. I know this because I own a public relations company in the music business and every time we post a call for internships or jobs, we get a stupid amount of resumes. Mention some things that relate directly to the company you`re applying to – the names of the artists, your passion for what they do, how you became interested in music, etc. Your college`s career office is a great tool, but don`t rely on them as your primary resource. My best interns found me by searching online. In fact, our Director of Social Media and Design, Kayla Coughlan, started as an intern after coming across Cyber PR Music Online! Coordinate with other Tesla technical and business planning teams in the implementation of business strategies to ensure accurate forecasting.

A quick search for internships in the music industry shows that many labels have online publications and positions to fill, so it`s not like they`re not available. However, everyone wants to have a record company internship on their resume and many students hope that their hard work in the office will earn them a coveted job at Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony or one of their partners or sub-labels. It`s a difficult future, but an internship at a label is worth fighting for! The job descriptions I`ve read online published by Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, and BedRoc Records — some of the most successful record labels in the industry today — haven`t become too specific, so while the name on your resume is certainly a good thing, I can`t promise what kind of experience you`ll actually gain during these opportunities. Fan To Band, a relatively new company, aims to attract fans to the music industry. They have three different unpaid internships: fan engagement, digital marketing, and business development. His application for a fall internship is currently closed, but his street team almost always accepts applications. What I find unique about them is that they focus on the fans; Both the ideas that fans have and the skills that fans have that they have refined over the years in fandoms. Hugh McIntyre is a music journalist, social media expert and marketing professional based in New York and Los Angeles.

He has spent a decade writing about music and the music industry, mainly for Forbes, but also for Billboard, Fuse, MTV and many others. He has also managed social media for Grammy winners, Olympic medalists and CEOs. IF you live in or near New York or Los Angeles, this guide is easy to follow step by step. If you don`t: Don`t worry! You`ll be amazed at how many small music businesses thrive in every city and state. Warner Music Group`s Emerging Talent Associate Program (ETA) is a paid internship that gives students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the music industry. With several WMG companies participating across the country, students have countless areas to work in. Autumn applications are open from June to August, spring is open from September to November and summer is open from March to May. There are tons of internships in the music industry, but most of them fall into certain categories.

There are certainly other options, but these are the most important ones you`ll find when it comes to the music industry. Create the best resume you can put together. There are many websites, books, and even your career guidance center at school that can tell you how to do this. With most of the music internship interviews I do, I always have to ask if the interviewee has any questions. And it always leaves a strange taste in my mouth when they don`t have one – even if you ask how many days the company expects interns to work and what the hours would look like. As an intern, you`ll likely enjoy some of the most interesting benefits of working in public relations, such as connecting with leading media in the field, working directly with musicians (some of whom may be new and unknown, although depending on the company you`re doing an internship for, they may have customers who are already stars). and many concerts. Let`s go back to my 150 candidates – NOT A single one called to follow up to see if I had received their CV for a music internship. Once upon a time like you: I really wanted to follow my passion and try to find a job in the industry of my dreams. It was a humiliating and sometimes humiliating exercise; This article, my young budding music industry tycoon, is for you.

Interns are needed in all facets of the industry, and most of my friends in the music industry (myself included) started as unpaid interns before putting them into paid jobs. Music courses can also be very demanding. And they are usually not paid. As an intern, you are the proverbial low man or woman on the totem pole and you are asked to do grumpy work and other projects that you may not want to do all your life. Recognize that this is a form of initiation: you will be asked about your attitude, your rigor and your willingness to support the team. Interns who show up to face challenges – yes, even stick to a positive attitude while dusting off the recording studio or taking out the trash – and who also show off their technical talents and skills are more likely to be offered more responsibility and recognition, as well as paid opportunities. If you like a particular band or artist, research who they work with and put those companies on your list. Nothing is more exciting and satisfying than working for your FAVORITE ARTISTS and bands (I always get a chill from it, and I`ve been working in the music industry for over 20 years). While teens can sometimes be a disadvantage when it comes to getting a job or being accepted into an internship, this is a time when it can actually work in your favor. Clean up your profiles, learn some best practices, and show these companies that you can improve their social media presence and make their content viral, which is expected of anyone under the age of thirty these days.

Bring two copies of your resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation, as well as writing samples (if applicable, even if it`s an article you`ve written about the music industry). It`s interesting and it sets you apart. We invite our readers to comment on this as we try to get answers from some of the professionals we work with. Wait a moment! In the meantime, check out Angela Myles Beeching`s book “Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music” – she offers great ideas and advice from her years as a musician and former director of career services at the New England Conservatory (she now does similar work at the Manhattan School of Music as director of the Center for Music Entrepreneurship). “I`ve loved music for as long as I can remember, since the day I was born.” Whether you`re applying directly for an internship in the music industry or another field, there`s a good chance social media will play a role. Social media has become an important part of how so many companies work and work, and now everyone needs to be present not only on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, but excel in them, especially those who work in the entertainment fields. Depending on the company you end up doing an internship with, you can either grab a coffee and fill envelopes, or contact the media to see if you can get them to write about the musicians who hired the ones you hired.